Does anyone know of a raspberry pi based laptop that is still developed, sold and maintained today?

The pi-top looked amazing, but it seems the project is dead... 😞

Still looking for the best education linux laptop...

These are all too expensive...

The cloud is material (notes on Monserrate 2022) – Critical Studies of EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY

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Not sure what to think of this. I don't think that my biggest issues with FB will be removed when it is collectivized...

Today I used my #3018 to make new signs for the classrooms in the school of my kids

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“the idea of ‘sufficiency’ implies the absolute reduction of resource and energy demands in ways that maintain (or even improve) general living conditions and perhaps widen opportunities for everyone to lead flourishing lives.”

Digital sufficiency -

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I fell in love with the #FOSS-App #StreetComplete! You can help to complete the #OpenStreetMap without technical knowledge, simply by taking little challenges in your neighborhood - and the UI looks great! As a non-developer, I've never felt more capable of opposing Google:)

You can get it on #fdroid!

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Check out the #TheGlassRoom curated list of resources about misinformation!

This educational resources list includes:
📚 guides
☑️ checklists
📱verification apps
💻 e-learning platforms & more

Get your list here:

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