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"when I put a child into public school, private personal data is not allowed to go public without my consent"

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Best single line sum-up I've seen so far of the issues of the metaverse.

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I did a thing. Commissioned by @feditips for their new header image on

Nice finally finishing something again :)

#mastoart #commission

@Joanie I'd be curious to here/read more about your project.

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My film "Slow violence" is available for screenings and debates in events and festivals.

Get in touch.


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#SailfishOS release5 is out for the #Fairphone2 😀

All information - incl. hints when updating from versions older than - can be found in this forum topic:

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I've got a stack of #fairphone 2 batteries to give away. Some are great. Some need recycling and I don't which are which. Available for pickup in East #London, England.


@toon nice, ik ben benieuwd hoe dit zich verhoudt tot bijv. Yunohost en Mistborn

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‘We moeten meer experimenteren met digitale middelen als onderdeel van het democratisch proces.’ Lees het interview met Rudy van Belkom over zijn boek ‘Alive and clicking - er is hoop voor de democratie’.

"als we ons lichaam weer zien als bron van intelligentie dan kan de digitale wereld nooit onze leefwereld vervangen"

Uit de innovatie filosofie van de gem. Amsterdam.

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@DeveloperMemes every webdeveloper should enjoy finding bugs...
the unfound bug is the problem...

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🏴‍☠️ stolen from someone who didn't add alt text

#BanCars 🐘

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@Leonieke ja echt bizar. Jammer dat er niet wat meer actie-bereidheid is voor dingen die wel belangrijk zijn…

there are people demonstrating in my neighborhood. They are anti-vax, corona-denial, anti-gender, pro-trump, pro-putin, flatearthers, pro-farmers. And they believe that all this is happening because of a great reset that will ultimately displace all westerners with Muslims...

They demonstrate now everyday from 14 to 18 in a very visible place waiving their anti-WEF flags and pasting anti-immigration stickers.

What would you do if this happens in your neighborhood?

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